Finance Companies in Sri Lanka

The top finance companies in Sri Lanka include Bartleet Finance Sri Lanka, The Finance Company PLC, Singer Finance (Lanka) Ltd, Arpico Finance Company PLC, to name a few.

Bartleet Finance Sri Lanka (BFSL) is highly regarded as one of the leading finance companies in the country. It was incorporated in 1983, under the Companies Act No.17 of 1982 and licensed by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka as a Specialist Finance Company authorized to accept deposits from the public. It has earned a reputation for devising secure and innovative solutions.

The Finance Company PLC is the oldest finance company in the country, responsible for introducing some of the most sought after customer conveniences in Savings/Fixed Deposits, Property Development and Housing, Finance, Leasing and Hire Purchasing.

Singer Finance (Lanka) Ltd (SFLL) is a fully owned subsidiary of Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC (SSL). It has obtained the License from Central Bank of Sri Lanka to carry out Finance Leasing business and licensed as a registered "Finance Company" in terms of section 2 of the Finance Companies Act No.78 of 1988. SFLL is focusing to become the most trusted finance company in the country.

Founded in 1951, Arpico Finance Company PLC is the second oldest finance company in the country and is listed on the Colombo Stock exchange. Over the years, it has built up a reputation of being one of Sri Lanka's top finance companies.

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