Best Private Banks in Switzerland

Julius Baer, LGT Bank Switzerland, and Credit Suisse are amongst the best private banks in Switzerland:

Julius Baer has received the 'Best Private Bank in Switzerland' award for the second consecutive year from the renowned FT Group publications 'The Banker' and 'Professional Wealth Management' (PWM). In addition, the bank has won two 2012 awards from Asian Private Banker. It has been named “Best Boutique Private Bank in Asia” and “Best Private Bank – External Asset Manager's Choice”.

LGT Bank Switzerland was ranked 1st in the 2011 rating of private banks carried out by the Swiss business magazine Bilanz. In the 2011 private banking rating, 66 banks were asked to draw up a comprehensive investment proposal for a client wishing to invest 15 million Swiss francs in order to use the income for retirement. The proposals made were assessed by the independent Munich-based Institut für Vermögensaufbau.

Credit Suisse has been named the Best Private Bank globally by Euromoney magazine for the third consecutive year. It has also received numerous regional and country awards as the best private bank, including in Switzerland. The accolades are based on the results of Euromoney's 2012 Private Banking Survey.

Rights Issue Calculation

A listed company may make a rights issue of additional shares to raise further capital. Shares are offered to existing shareholders in proportion to their existing holding and at a price lower than the listed price in stock exchange.

Learn how to calculate rights issue with the following example:

HK Ltd has the following balances in its balance sheet:
1,000,000 $1 ordinary shares    $1,000,000
Bank                                          $70,000
The company decided to make a rights issue of 3 ordinary shares for every 10 ordinary shares held. The new shares are issued at a price of $1.50 each.

Rights issue = 1,000,000 * 3/10 = 300,000
The new shares are issued at a premium of = 1.50 - 1 = $0.50
Share premium = 300,000 * 0.50 = $150,000
The company will receive = 300,000 * $1.50 = $450,000

After the rights issue, the company will have the following balances:
1,300,000 $1 ordinary shares $1,300,000
Share premium                       $150,000
Bank  (70,000 + 450,000)     $520,000

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