Finance Companies in Birmingham

Following are some of the major finance companies with offices in Birmingham (UK):

Clearwater Corporate Finance LLP - It is a premier mid market corporate finance advisory firm operating in the UK and internationally. The company offers specialist corporate finance advice and practical help to clients across the world. Its key services include: corporate acquisitions, public company advisory, debt advisory, and more.

TeleLease - It is an independent Finance Company that offers a competitive alternative to the High Street Banks and Business Bank. The company provides Hire Purchase and Leasing on most business assets including Computers, Plant, Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles.

Venture Finance - It is a premier independent Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lender offering fantastic range of business finance services including Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Asset Based Lending and beyond.

PKF (UK) LLP - It is a member firm of the PKF International Limited network of legally independent firms, providing services such as assurance and advisory, business support services, corporate finance, corporate recovery and insolvency, forensic, financial planning, management consultancy, taxation. It also offers financial services through the FSA authorised company, PKF Financial Planning Limited.

How to Improve Current Ratio

Current ratio refers to the firm's ability to service its short-term obligations. It is the ratio of current assets to current liabilities. For example, if the firm's total current assets are 200,000 and the total current liabilities are $80,000 then the current ratio is: 200,000 / 80,000 = 2.5. A healthy current ratio should be greater than 2.0. To increase current ratio, current assets should be increased or the current liabilities should be reduced.

Ways to improve your current ratio:
1) Pay off some debts like bank overdraft.
2) Increase current assets from new equity contributions.
3) Get a loan to increase your cash balance.
4) Renegotiate short-term debts to long-term financing.
5) Buy inventory with equity or long-term debt.
6) Increase the sales which will increase cash or accounts receivable.
7) Convert fixed assets to current assets, for example, sell unused office equipment or property for cash.