Bahamas International Securities Exchange

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is the major securities exchange in the Bahamas. It is formally registered with the Securities Commission of The Bahamas as a “Securities Exchange” pursuant to the Securities Industry Act, 1999.

BISX was incorporated as a private company and owned by dedicated shareholders consisting of stockbrokers, investment companies, banks, corporations, pension funds, mutual fund administrators, and individuals.

BISX successfully launched its domestic market for the listing and trading of local public companies in May 2000. The Exchange launched its Mutual Fund Listing Facility in April 2001. It has established a user-friendly and fast-track listing service which engages qualified listing sponsors to ensure the highest quality of service for its mutual fund listings.

BISX provides a listing and trading facility for the securities of domestic issuers. Companies are admitted to listing after meeting certain listing criteria set forth by the Exchange.