Top Largest Banks in Norway

The top largest banks of Norway include Spare Bank 1 Nord-Norge, Postbanken, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank, BN Bank ASA, Fokus Bank, among others.

Spare Bank 1 Nord-Norge is one of the largest banks in Norway and is an independent financial services group within the SpareBank1 Alliance. The Bank's business concept is to supply complete and modern financial solutions for the benefit of customers based in the North Norwegian market.

Postbanken is part of the DnB NOR Group (DnB NOR is Norway's largest financial services group). The bank offers its services through the Norwegian post offices.

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank (formerly known as Sparebanken Rogaland) is the largest savings bank in Norway. It is a founding member of the bank alliance SpareBank 1 and is Norway's seventh largest bank.

BN Bank ASA is a leading Norwegian retail and corporate bank. It is owned by a consortium of SpareBank1 Banks. The bank is headquartered in Trondheim, and has an additional office in Oslo. In the retail market, BN Bank ASA offers competitive rates on savings products, and the bank is one of the leading mortgage lenders in Norway. In the corporate market, it offers niche expertise within real-estate lending.

Fokus Bank is a brand organized in the Danske Bank Group. It has branches spread throughout Norway with headquarters based solidly in Trondheim. The Danske Bank Group is one of the top leading financial institutions in the Nordic countries. Fokus Bank is the sole provider of financial services offered by the Danske Bank Group in Norway.

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