List of Banks in Togo

List of major banks in Togo:
  • Banque Sahélo-Saharienne pour l'Investissement et le Commerce
  • Banque Atlantique Togo
  • Banque Regionale de Solidarite
  • Banque Togolaise pour le Commerce et l'Industrie
  • Banque Internationale pour l'Afrique au Togo
  • Ecobank Togo
  • Société Inter-Africaine de Banque (SIAB)
  • Union Togolaise de Banque (UTB)
  • Banque Togolaise de Développement
Banque Atlantique Togo carries out its banking operations in Togo and in all other countries, both for its own account and for that of third parties. Ever since its constitution in April 2006, the Bank has been involved in the main economic sectors of activity in Togo, working hand in hand with enterprises and SMEs in the framework of their development.

Ecobank Togo is supervised and regulated by the Commission Bancaire (Banking Commission). It is one of the largest banks in Togo. In 2010 its R.O.E was 26.79 percent while R.O.A. was 1.79 percent. The bank has embarked on projects to reduce operational costs while simultaneously focusing on maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

The Togolese Union Bank (Union Togolaise de Banque or UTB) is one of the key institutions of the banking system in Togo. It is actively involved in financing the national economy as a universal bank.

Banque Internationale pour l'Afrique au Togo (BIA Togo) offers a range of services ranging from opening a savings account to managing your banking from a distance. B-WEB is an Internet Banking program developed by the BIA-Togo in collaboration with the Banque Belgolaise-Brussels and for all its customers with a PC and Internet access.