Banks in Samoa

Some of the major banks in Samoa include: Central Bank of Samoa, ANZ Bank, National Bank of Samoa, Samoa Commercial Bank, and Westpac.

The Central Bank of Samoa is the nation's reserve bank and acts as a banker to the Government and the commercial banks. Some of its main functions include: regulating the issue supply availability and international exchange of money; advising the Government on banking and monetary matter; promoting internal and external monetary stability; promoting a sound financial structure; etc.

ANZ Bank (Samoa) Limited was first established in Samoa in 1990, then trading as Bank of Western Samoa. The Bank offers both local and foreign customers with a comprehensive range of personal and commercial banking services.

National Bank of Samoa (NBS) is a fully locally owned bank in Samoa, offering a broad range of banking products and services to both personal and business customers, such as savings and cheque accounts, term deposits and loans, overdrafts and international services.

Samoa Commercial Bank offers a range of services to help cater for customers' banking needs. Products and services offered include Personal Savings Account, Business Savings Account, Business Cheque Account, Trade Finance Services, Letters of Credit, etc.

Westpac provides Samoa with a range of overseas banking services including personal and business loans, bank accounts, Internet Banking, term deposits and overseas transfers.