Banks in Nicaragua

List of major banks in Nicaragua:
  • Banco Lafise Bancentro
  • Banco Central de Nicaragua
  • Banco de America Central (BAC)
  • Banco de Finanzas
  • Banpro - Grupo Promerica
  • Banco Internacional de Costa Rica, S.A (BICSA)
  • Citibank
  • Bolsa de Valores de Nicaragua
  • Financiera Arrendadora de Centroamerica
The Central Bank of Nicaragua (Banco Central de Nicaragua) was established by Legislative Decree No. 525 of September 16, 1960. It is an institution with functional autonomy, indefinite duration, own capital and legal personality. The Bank is responsible for the design and implementation of monetary and exchange policy, the normal development of internal and external payments, and acting as economic advisor and financial agent of the Government.

Citi operates in Nicaragua through Grupo Financiero Uno, which was acquired by Citibank in 2006. In Latin America, Citi has gained a prominent position in the financial-services industry and has the broadest presence of any financial institution in the region. Citi's main business lines are Consumer Banking, Credit Cards, Wealth Management, Global Transaction Services and Capital Markets and Banking.