Stock Brokers in Glasgow

Following are the leading stock brokers in Glasgow (Scotland):

Redmayne-Bentley Stockbrokers
- It is one of the leading independent private client stockbrokers in the UK.
- The Glasgow branch was established in 1991 and was the first Redmayne-Bentley branch in Scotland.
- The firm was awarded the title Best Advisory Broker 2009 by Shares Magazine. This is the seventh consecutive year that it has received an industry award for its Advisory investment management service, awarded on the basis of industry surveys completed by the investing public.

Speirs & Jeffrey Stockbrokers
- Based in Glasgow (Scotland), it is one of the UK’s leading independent investment management firms.
- It offers discretionary and advisory investment management services to a wide range of clients, families, trusts, charities and pension funds.

Barclays Stockbrokers Limited
- It is the leading execution only stockbroker in the UK, with a great deal of experience and expert knowledge.
- It offers personalized brokerage solutions and services to companies of all sizes and institutions, Financial Intermediaries, Charities and Trusts, Solicitors, Accountants and Professional practices in addition to providing a range of Employee Brokerage Services to both financial and non financial service firms.

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