Banks in Bolivia

Bancosol, Banco Nacional de Bolivia, Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz, Banco Economico, Banco Ganadero, Banco Union S.A., Banco Los Andes ProCredit, and Banco Central de Bolivia are some of the major banks in Bolivia.

BancoSol is the leading micro finance bank in Bolivia, and is a member of the Micro Finance Associations in Bolivia that group all micro finance institutions. The Bank has been ratified by the Moody's AA+ risk rating, the highest rating assigned to financial institutions in Bolivia. BancoSol was also voted the best financial institution in 2005 and among the top 3 banks in Bolivia.

Banco Nacional de Bolivia SA is one of the largest and modern banks in Bolivia. It has an extensive network of branches and agencies, offering a wide range of banking products and services. Since its founding, and over time the Banco Nacional de Bolivia SA has consolidated its position and prestige among the top banks in the country.

Banco Los Andes ProCredit is the leading institution in the Bolivian market, offering customers a wide range of financial services and products.

The Central Bank of Bolivia (Banco Central de Bolivia) has the task of conducting monetary policy and regulate the amount of money and volume of credit according to its monetary program. It is authorized by law to establish mandatory reserve requirements for banks and financial intermediaries.