Leading Banks in Ecuador

Following are some of the leading banks in Ecuador:

Banco del Pichincha (also called Banco Pichincha) - It is the largest private bank in Ecuador by capitalization. In 2006 the British publication "Euromoney", specializing in the analysis of international financial markets, re-elect the Pichincha Bank as the best bank in the country.

Produbanco - The Bank commenced operations in November 1978. The rating of Produbanco is AAA- (March 2011), given by BankWatch Ratings.

Banco de Guayaquil - In April 2006, Banco de Guayaquil improved its risk rating from AA + to AAA. This is the highest rating given to a private national bank.

Lloyds TSB Bank Plc. Ecuador - Established in 1913 in the city of Guayaquil, Lloyds TSB Bank is the first foreign bank operating in Ecuador. It is a branch of Lloyds Banking Group in Britain.

Unibanco - It was founded in 1964 as Ecuador's Cooperative Bank SA. Thirty years later, in 1994, the Bank changed its name to Banco Universal SA Unibanco.

Promerica Bank - In 2010, it was the fourth fastest growing bank within the top ten private banks in the country. As of December 2010, the public deposits in the banking system totaled $ 16.553 billion, a growth of 17.9% over 2009.

Citi - The Bank has been operating in Ecuador since 1960. It is the largest International Bank in the country, with the best risk qualification in the Ecuadorian Market, AAA-.

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