Leading Banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Raiffeisen, Sparkasse Bank dd, Union Banka d.d., and UniCredit Bank d.d. are some of the leading banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Raiffeisen has been represented in Bosnia and Herzegovina since acquiring Market Banka in 2000. In 2010, Raiffeisen Bank was honored by Global Finance as the Best Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was ranked second among all banks in 2010 (measured in terms of balance sheet total).

Sparkasse Bank dd is aiming to be one of the top five leading banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina providing its clients safety, best service possible and high quality products.

Union Banka d.d. Sarajevo has received many awards and acknowledgements. The magazine Finance Central Europe London (FCE) awarded Union Banka d.d. Sarajevo two Achievement Awards for the best bank by capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2001 and for the best bank by capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2002.

UniCredit Bank d.d. is the leading bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering and conducting transactions in all aspects of investment banking with special emphasis on services such as merger and acquisition, privatization process consulting, capital market solutions (acquirement and placement of equity and debt capital) syndicated loans, structured financing, and so on. UniCredit Bank d.d. was the first bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has introduced a unique service model of client-oriented approach, i.e., the overall business operations of the Bank are based on client segmentation according to which business lines are organized, focused on meeting client needs tailored to their capacities and requirements.

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