Asset Management Firms in London

Following are the leading asset management firms/companies in London:

Old Mutual Asset Managers (UK) Ltd - It is based in London and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Old Mutual plc, investing in the world's major equity and bond markets. Its funds have received high ratings from agencies such as Morningstar, Old Broad Street Research (OBSR) and Standard & Poor's.

Aviva Investors - It is a global asset management business dedicated to building and providing clients with focused investment solutions. Its clients range from large corporate and institutional investors including pension schemes and local government organisations to wealth managers to individual investors.

AXA Investment Managers - It is a "multi-expert" investment management company in the UK, offering a broad range of high quality funds which invest in a variety of different sectors. The firm has specialist asset management teams for each product range, which includes Fixed Income (including our fixed interest and AXA Distribution funds), Equity (including AXA Framlington and our Global ICVC), and Alternative investment solutions, such as AXA Property Trust.

Pall Mall Investment Management Limited - It is a specialised asset management company with expertise in European high yield, Risk@Work® overlay and quantitative strategies for European stocks and government bonds. The Company's headquarters is based in London, UK, with a branch office in Hamburg, Germany. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom.

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