Private Equity Firms in Hong Kong

Affinity Equity Partners and EMP Daiwa Capital Asia Limited are amongst the leading private equity firms in Hong Kong.

Affinity Equity Partners is one of the largest dedicated Asian private equity firms. It is a pioneer in buyout investments in the Asia-Pacific region, with an established and widely recognised franchise in buyouts. The firm invests in private equity deals with an emphasis on leveraged buyouts and control-oriented investments, but also give consideration to minority investments on a selective basis. Affinity has a well-established track record of executing large-scale, complex MBO/LBO transactions across the Asia-Pacific region.

EMP Daiwa Capital Asia Limited is a joint venture between EMP GLOBAL LLC and Daiwa Securities Group. It was formed in early 2007 to pursue private equity opportunities across Asia. EMP Daiwa is targeting investments in the mid-market sector in Greater China, India, South Korea, and Japan. The first fund, the $1.09 billion AIG Asian Infrastructure Fund ("Asia I"), was a pioneer in private investments in infrastructure in Asia, investing $933 million in 25 companies between 1994 and 1999. The AIG Asian Infrastructure Fund II ("Asia II"), a US$1.67 billion fund followed Asia I, creating the region's largest pool of private equity capital at that time.

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