Investment Companies in Kenya

Centum Investment Company Limited and Trans-Century are amongst the leading investment companies in Kenya.

Centum Investment Company Limited is the largest quoted investment company in East Africa listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE). Its portfolio consists mainly of investments in private equity, listed equity and real estate. The private equity portfolio is the largest asset class, with notable investments in the financial and beverage sectors.

Centum is organized into a number of business lines including: Private Equity; Quoted Private Equity; Real Estate & Infrastructure; and each business has a specialized focus as well as a dedicated management team.

Trans-Century is an investment company based in Kenya, with a primary focus on investing in Infrastructure across the African continent. The company was founded in 1997 by a group of leading Kenyan professionals and investors. In April 2009, the company's shares became available to qualified investors in an over-the-counter exchange operated by Dyer & Blair Investment Bank, as part of the original shareholders aims to provide a broad base of shareholders with the access to the Trans-Century success story.

Trans-Century is a publicly listed company on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, with operations across the following key areas: Power Infrastructure; Transport Infrastructure; Specialized Engineering.

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