Finance Companies in Singapore

Following are the top finance companies in Singapore:

Hong Leong Finance (HLF) - It has evolved to become the largest finance company in Singapore. HLF is the financial services arm of the Hong Leong Group Singapore, offering an extensive range of financial products and services, spanning from deposits and savings, corporate and consumer loans to government assistance programmes for SMEs. The company clinched the "Finance Company of the Year" award at the inaugural Asian Banking & Finance Retail Banking Awards ceremony in 2007.

Sing Investments & Finance Limited - It is a finance company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange with many years of lending experience in the financing arena. Its activities cover the acceptance of Fixed and Saving deposits from the public and the provision of loans and credit facilities to individuals and corporations. Loan Products and Credit Facilities include: Residential and Commercial Property Loans; Land and Construction Loans; Machinery Loans under the Local Enterprise Finance Scheme; Motor Vehicle Loans; Block Discounting Facility; etc.

Singapura Finance Ltd - It is a leading financial institution providing a comprehensive range of excellent financial services, such as the WISE Share Loans, Land & Construction Loan, Gold Share Loans, etc.

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