Financial Planning Firms in Canada

The leading financial planning firms in Canada include Investors Group Inc., Investment Planning Counsel, Williams Financial Group, among others.

Investors Group Inc. is a Canadian leader in providing personal financial planning services. Its primary objective is to help Canadians plan for financial security by providing quality financial planning advice and products through a network of Consultants. The company offers financial planning, a unique family of mutual funds and a comprehensive range of other investment products and financial services, including Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Registered Retirement Income Funds, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans, life and disability insurance, Guaranteed Investment Certificates and mortgages.

Investment Planning Counsel is a private company owned by IGM Financial, a TSX listed company. It is the fifth largest financial planning firm in Canada. Investment Planning Counsel has established strong momentum in asset management, particularly in the consistent growth of Counsel Funds. The company is successfully executing a disciplined strategy for growth, and is led by an effective and committed management team.

Williams Financial Group's vision is to be the most professional financial planning firm in Canada, offering the very best financial advice, investment management and financial protection solutions to its clients.

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