What is Dow Jones Indexes?

Dow Jones Indexes (DJI) is owned by the CME Group.and is a leading full-service index provider that develops and licenses indexes for use as benchmarks and as the basis of investment products.

In 2010, Credit Suisse and Dow Jones Indexes signed an agreement which covers the calculation, licensing, branding and marketing of the hedge fund indexes. DJI also introduced the Dow Jones Golden Crossover Indexes in the same year.

In 2009, the Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Indexes are rebranded as the Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Indexes. Also, DJI launched the Dow Jones U.S. Economic Stimulus Index on May 27, 2009.

In 2008, Dow Jones Indexes opens an office in Dubai, its first in the Middle East. DJI and the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) launched the Dow Jones/CCX European Carbon Index and Dow Jones/CCX Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) Index.

Achievements and Awards:
- DJI is named "Index Provider of the Year in Asia" by Asia Asset Management magazine (2010).
- DJI is named "Best Islamic Index Provider" in the Islamic Finance News Poll 2008.
- It is named the "Most Innovative ETF Index Provider of 2007" for the Americas at the 4th annual Global ETF Awards hosted by Exchangetradedfunds.com.
- In 2007 Dow Jones Indexes wins the "Best Islamic Index Provider" category of the inaugural Master of Islamic Finance Awards by Terrapin Ltd.
- In 2006 DJI is named "Index Provider of the Year, Asia" by the U.K. based magazine Structured Products based on the votes of an independent judging panel.

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