Financial Planning Firms in India

The top financial planning firms in India include Sykes & Ray Financial Planners, Bajaj Capital, Veer Consultancy Services, among others.

Sykes & Ray Financial Planners has pioneered fee-based Professional Financial Planning Services in India and is highly regarded as one of the leading Financial Planning companies guiding its clients to fulfill their dreams and achieve financial goals. It has a professional team of dedicated, experienced and highly skilled Certified Financial Planners who are committed to the professional practice standards and code of ethics laid down by Financial Planning Standards Board India.

Bajaj Capital is a SEBI-approved Category I Merchant Banker catering to Individual Investors, Corporates, HNI and NRI clients. It offers a comprehensive range of services including Financial Planning and Investment Advisory, with strong team of qualified and experienced professionals including CAs, MBAs, MBEs, CFPs, CSs, Insurance Experts, Legal Experts and others.

Veer Consultancy Services (VCS) is one of the very few Independent Financial Planning Firms in India also offering all the functions of a Multi Family Office, with offices in Mumbai, Kutch and Pune. It has a team of professionals with extensive experience in a variety of disciplines including Financial Planning, Law, Taxation, Marketing, Computer Networking, Information Security.

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