Best Professional Trading Platform

Interactive Brokers received the Gold (1st prize) for "Best Professional Trading Platform" in the Trade2win Awards 2007. IB provides different trading platforms to accommodate the needs of different trading styles. Customers have free access to both platforms (Trader Workstation and WebTrader) and can log into either one using the same username/password combination.

Trader Workstation is the most powerful, full-featured platform that supports trading of multiple, global assets using numerous order types and algos, and offers many sophisticated trading tools. WebTrader is a scaled-down version of TWS with a simplified interface that may better serve the trader who generally trades a single instrument, has less need for sophisticated tools and algos, or who simply prefers a cleaner less cluttered trading interface.

MultiCharts is an award-winning trading platform that has received multiple industry awards and recognition in the press. MultiCharts won 6 Gold awards and 1 Silver award in 2010 Trade2Win Members’ Choice Awards, including the Gold award for Best Professional Trading Platform. MultiCharts’ strength is in its features, flexibility, and commitment to following industry programming standards. It is also compatible with the industry-standard EasyLanguage developed by TradeStation.

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