Top Mutual Fund Companies in Pakistan

Following are amongst the top largest mutual fund companies in Pakistan:

Al Meezan Mutual Fund Limited (AMMF) - It was the first fund launched by Al Meezan Investments and is one of the oldest mutual funds in the private sector. The company was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange on September 16, 1996 as a closed ended mutual fund. Its objective is to carry on the business of a closed ended mutual fund and to invest its assets in securities, which are listed or proposed to be listed on the stock exchanges.

Atlas Fund of Funds (ATFF) - It is a closed-end fund established by a Trust Deed dated May 29, 2004 between Atlas Asset Management Limited, as the investment adviser and Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited, as the Trustee.

First Capital Investments Limited (FCIL) - It is a subsidiary of First Capital Securities Corporation, is a Non-Banking Finance Company licensed to carry out Investment Advisory Services as under the NBFC Rules 2003 and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The firm is primarily engaged in the Management of mutual funds and Provision of investment & corporate finance advisory services.

JS Investments Limited (JSIL) - It is the oldest and one of the largest private sector asset management companies in Pakistan with assets under management spread across various mutual funds, pension funds and separately managed accounts. JSIL's mutual fund product suite provides the most diverse range of products under a single Asset Management Company in Pakistan.

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