Top Mutual Fund Companies in India

Some of the leading mutual fund companies in India include SBI MF, TATA, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual, UTI Mutual Funds, among others.

SBI Mutual Fund (SBI MF) is one of the largest mutual funds in the country and has an enviable track record in judicious investments and consistent wealth creation. SBI Mutual is the first bank-sponsored fund to launch an offshore fund – Resurgent India Opportunities Fund.

TATA Mutual Fund is one of the top mutual fund investment/Asset Management Companies in India. It offers investors a broad range of managed investment products in various asset classes and risk parameters, with operational flexibility to suit their varied investment needs.

Birla Sun Life Mutual fund is one of India's leading flagships of Mutual Funds business managing assets of a large investor base. It offers a broad range of investment options, including diversified and sector specific equity schemes, fund of fund schemes, hybrid and monthly income funds, a wide range of debt and treasury products and offshore funds.

Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual was the country's first fund house to offer a branded Mid-cap product in 2002 (Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Midcap), It has been allotted CPR 1 ranking by CRISIL for three consecutive quarters ending December 2005, March 2006 and June 2006.

UTI Mutual Funds is the top mutual fund investment company in India. It has been awarded the “STAR FUND HOUSE OF THE YEAR” in the Equity Category by ICRA Mutual Fund Awards 2009. The rank indicates 'Best Performance' in the 'Equity Category' for one year period ending December 31, 2008. UTI Mutual Fund has also been awarded NINE ICRA Mutual Fund Awards 2009 under its various schemes viz. UTI Contra Fund, UTI Nifty Fund (1 year and 3 years), UTI MNC Fund, UTI Floating Rate Fund-Short Term, UTI Money Market Fund, UTI Dividend Yield Fund, UTI Equity Fund and UTI Opportunities Fund.

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