Top Mutual Fund Companies in Europe

The top leading mutual fund companies in Europe include DWS Investments, UBS, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, to name a few.

DWS Investments is the global mutual fund arm of Deutsche Bank's Asset Management division. Founded in Germany in 1956, DWS is a key local player in Europe's most important markets. It is the largest mutual fund company in Germany, and one of the leading retail mutual fund companies across Europe. With global assets under management of €245 billion as at 31 December 2008, it ranks among the top 15 globally.

UBS is the #1 provider of mutual funds in Europe. The UBS Funds are managed by the investment management teams of UBS Global Asset Management. These mutual funds address a wide range of investor needs and include traditional equity and fixed-income funds, asset allocation, quantitative, global and specialty funds.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is the world’s largest provider of institutional liquidity funds. It remains the largest international provider of ‘AAA’ rated money market funds with a 31%1 market share of IMMFA-style funds (Source: iMoneyNet Offshore as of 02/10/2009). Additionally, J.P. Morgan Asset Management is one of the largest foreign mutual fund providers. The investment solutions are distributed to retail clients globally through its strong partnerships with established retail banks, savings banks and select independent advisors.

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