Singapore Commodity Exchange Ltd

Founded in 1992, Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM) offers a highly trusted and efficient marketplace for commodity futures trading and clearing in Singapore. SICOM is governed by the Securities and Futures Act (SFA) and strictly abides by the codes of standards and disclosures regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

The Exchange offers market participants the trading of rubber futures contracts on its electronic platform, e-SICOM, which is a fully integrated clearing and settlement system that is scalable and reliable. Participants can gain access to greater transparency, price discovery and liquidity in the market.

SICOM Gold is the first exchange-traded deferred settlement contract for gold. It offers the main benefit of reducing the counterparty risk faced by market participants who may be trading through various intermediaries in the OTC market. In comparison to Futures products, participants will be trading “spot” gold price with value date of T+2 business days, as opposed to a forward price.

The Exchange offers a diverse category of memberships that includes Clearing, Non-Clearing, Remote Non-Clearing, Trade and Associate Members.

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