Private Equity Firms in Sweden

The leading private equity firms in Sweden include Accent Equity Partners, IK Investment Partners, Altor Equity Partners, among others.

Accent is a group of private equity funds focusing on investments in lower mid-market buyout and later-stage expansion capital transactions in the Nordic region. Headquartered in Stockholm, Accent Equity Partners, who act as investment advisors to all Accent funds, has a team of investment professionals with a broad range of industrial and financial experience.

IK Investment Partners (formerly known as Industri Kapital) is a European private equity firm with Nordic roots. It acquires and develops companies with the objective of delivering attractive returns to its investors. The firm invests in mid-sized companies with strong cash flow and profit improvement potential, operating in mature industries with fundamental underlying growth.

Altor is a private equity firm focused on investing in and developing medium sized companies in the Nordic region. In 2006, Altor was the most active private equity investor in the Nordic middle market segment with seven investments made. The firm has built up a strong investment team of Nordic professionals who all have profound international experience in private equity, consulting, investment banking and various industrial sectors.

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