Private Equity Firms in Australia

The top leading private equity firms in Australia include Quadrant Private Equity, Pacific Equity Partners, Archer Capital, CHAMP, among others.

Quadrant Private Equity is one of the leading private equity investment providers in Australia. Quadrant invests in established, profitable growth orientated businesses.

Pacific Equity Partners (PEP) is a leading Australasian private equity firm focusing on buyouts and late stage expansion capital in Australia and New Zealand. The firm has been placed among the 50 largest private equity firms globally.

Archer Capital is a leading Australian private equity manager, specialising in management buyouts and leveraged buyouts. The firm is an established market leader in LBO transactions in Australia. Archer Capital executives have a mix of line management experience in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), retailing, manufacturing and distribution.

CHAMP has one of the most successful private equity track records in Australasia, with a history of principal investment dating back to 1987. The CHAMP group has offices in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, and affiliated offices in Singapore and New York.

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