Bangalore Stock Exchange (BgSE)

Established in 1963, Bangalore Stock Exchange (BgSE) is the one of the major stock exchanges in India. It has been proactive in keeping pace with emerging technological and financial market trends and is fully computerized.

BgSE is the first stock exchange in South India to start electronic trading of securities. The Exchange launched its own BEST (Bangalore Electronic Securities Trading), its online trading system on 29 July 1996.

The securities listed at the Exchange include a number of seasoned corporates from different sectors of industry. As at 31 December 2010, the number of companies listed on the Exchange is 317 consisting of 151 regional and 166 non-regional companies.

The Exchange has set up an exclusive investment education centre to cater to the needs of market participants. The Centre will conduct regular and intensive training sessions, seminars and workshops through several short and long duration programs.

The Exchange opens itself to the public by way of Deposit based trading membership. Members of BgSE can get an automatic approval to become sub-brokers of BgSE Financials, the subsidiary of Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited.

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