Asset Management Firms in Canada

Following are the top asset management firms in Canada:

TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) - It is one of the biggest asset management firms in Canada. It was named "Morningstar Fixed Income Fund Manager of the Year" at the 16th annual Canadian Investment Awards in Toronto.

Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group - It is one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing asset management firms. It offers a wide range of distinct and independently managed investment products and services to Canadian individual and institutional investors through a diverse family of affiliates.

Lycos Asset Management Inc. - It is an investment advisory, asset management, and hedge fund management firm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Bayfield Realty Advisors - It is a leading real estate investment and asset management company in Canada. The firm focuses on acquiring and developing commercial assets that produce consistent and growing financial returns.

Claymore Investments, Inc. - It was the first asset management company in Canada to create a conversion feature from a closed-end fund to an ETF and has filed a patent application in Canada for this process.

GBC - It is the premier asset management company in Canada specializing in providing high quality, growth investment management to individuals.

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