Top Private Equity Firms in UK

The top private equity firms in the United kingdom are NBGI Private Equity Limited, NVM, Permira, Gresham Private Equity, Apax Partners, among others.

NBGI Private Equity Limited is a leading private equity firm investing in small and medium sized UK based companies. It has offices in London and Manchester and has successfully completed deals across the UK in a wide range of industries.

NVM is one of the UK’s leading independent private equity businesses. Established in 1988, NVM is owned by its employees following a management buy-out from the Aberdeen Group in December 2003.

Permira is a leading private equity firm with a European heritage and a global reach. In the UK, Permira is a founding partner of Social Business Trust (SBT).

Gresham Private Equity is the leading independent, regionally based mid-market private equity investor. It has local offices in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.

Apax Partners is an independent global private equity advisory firm. Apax Funds invest in large companies across the following sectors: Tech & Telecom; Retail & Consumer; Media; Healthcare; Financial & Business Services.

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