Top Largest Banks in Latin America

Following are the top largest banks in Latin America:

Bancolombia - This is the largest commercial bank in Colombia and one of the largest in Latin America. According to Compassbranding’s ranking of the 50 most valuable firms in Colombia, Bancolombia is the second most recognized brand in the country and the first among financial sector companies.

Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA) - It is a Brazilian bank and one of the largest government-owned financial institutions in Latin America. CAIXA has an important role in promoting urban development and social justice in the nation, helping improve the quality of life.

HSBC Argentina - It is one of the largest financial organizations in Argentina and is ranked 49th among the 100 largest banks in Latin America, according to the Latin Trade magazine.

Itau Unibanco - It is one of the biggest banks in Latin America. The Latin Finance magazine elected Banco Itau as Bank of the Year 2006 in Latin America and the Caribbean. Euromoney also rated it as the best Brazilian bank. The Itau brand has been named the most valuable Brazilian brand in the country, by the international consulting firm, Interbrand, with a value of US$ 3.792 billion (R$ 8.076 billion).

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BLADEX is a leading multinational bank established by the Central Banks of Latin American and Caribbean countries...

* Top Largest Banks in:
- Chile
- Colombia
- Peru