Top Banks in Angola

The top leading banks in Angola include Banco Millennium Angola, Bank of African Investments, Banco Espírito Santo Angola (BESA), to name a few.

The Bank of African Investments was the only bank in Angola to be included in the Top 1000 raking of the largest banks in the world published by The Banker magazine 2010.

Banco Millennium Angola has been named the best majority foreign-owned bank in Angola by EMEA Finance magazine. According to the magazine’s panel for the “African Banking Awards 2010”, Banco Millennium Angola stood out for its positive performance and steady progress in 2010.

The Espírito Santo Angola (BESA) bank has received the award of "Best Bank in Angola 2010" from the magazine Global Finance, based on the research 'Best Emerging Market Banks 2010', carried out at top banking institutions operating in emerging markets in Africa. BESA is a subsidiary of the Espírito Santo Financial Group, or ESFG.

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