Tirana Stock Exchange (TSE)

Tirana Stock Exchange (TSE) is the principal stock exchange in Albania. It was established in 2002 in the form of joint stock company.

TSE is licensed by the Financial Supervision Authority 'to conduct operations as securities market of government debt, corporate debt and shares in Albania' with License no. 78 / 1, dated 07/13/2007, for an indefinite period. TSE is a full rights member in the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchange.

The securities trading method in the Exchange is 'the open out cry'. According to this method, the orders are transmitted by voice from the brokers to the Stock Exchange specialists who execute the transactions. The trading system on the Tirana Stock Exchange is manual, which means that all the necessary procedures of the transactions will be executed manually from the specialists.

On 10 November 2010, Tirana Stock Exchange signed the Cooperation Agreement with International Finance Corporation (IFC), as part of Corporate Governance Program in Southeast Europe. The overall objective is to assist, through training programs, the qualification and training of staff of the Tirana Stock Exchange as well as staff representatives of other entities in Albania relating to capital markets activity.

On 26 November.2010, the Exchange held a training seminar on "Securities Exchange, the process of listing, trading, clearing and settlement in Exchange". Guests and participants at the seminar were representatives of the Tirana Stock Exchange, members of the Board of Directors of the TSE, representatives from the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority, Registration Center Shares, etc.