Stock Brokers in Thailand

Following are the top leading stock brokers in Thailand:

TISCO Securities Co., Ltd. -It is a top leader in the Thai securities industry offering brokerage services to both institutional and retail clients through the head office, Esplanade and upcountry offices in Chiang Mai, Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Udon Thani. In addition, TISCO Securities was selected as the winner of the ''Best Brokerage Service'' and ''Best Research House'' SET Awards 2003 by the Stock Exchange of Thailand from among the 37 brokerage houses operating in Thailand.

J.P. Morgan Securities (Thailand) Limited - J.P. Morgan's award-winning franchise in Thailand is a leader across custody and securities services, cash management, mergers and acquisitions, debt capital markets, derivatives, equities and equity capital markets.

UBS Securities Thailand - It won 'Best Brokerage Service of the Year' in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Awards 2005. The award was made on the basis of the exceptional quality of brokerage services provided by UBS to its clients.

Phatra Securities Public Company Limited - It is one of the top leading securities companies in Thailand with respect to investment banking business and the provision of brokerage services to institutional clients. The Company is licensed by the Ministry of Finance to carry out securities businesses such as securities brokerage, securities dealing, underwriting, investment advisory and securities lending and borrowing businesses.

KGI Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited - It is one of the leading securities firms in Thailand and provides a full range of services such as securities broking business, securities dealer business, investment advisory business, financial advisory business, investment banking business, OTC derivatives business, securities registrar business, selling agent unit trust business, securities borrowing and lending business, futures business, and derivative warrant business.

Sicco Securities Public Company Ltd - It is a Thailand-based company engaged in securities business. The Company provides securities brokerage, securities trading, securities underwriting, investment advisory service and act as derivatives agent.

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