Private Equity Firms in California

Some of the top private equity firms in California include Brentwood Associates, Glickman Capital, Kelly Capital, among others.

Founded in 1972, Brentwood Associates is a leading consumer-focused private equity investment firm based in Los Angeles, California. The firm focuses on investments in growing businesses where it is able to leverage its experience in areas such as: branded consumer products; consumer and business services; direct marketing, including direct mail and e-commerce; education; health and wellness; restaurants; and specialty retail.

Glickman Capital is the leading private equity firm acquiring majority ownership positions in companies located predominantly in Southern California. Glickman Capital targets operations in industries, or industry sub-segments, where growth is possible due to market expansion or through acquisitions of complimentary companies or product lines.

Kelly Capital is a private equity firm in San Diego, CA. It has a solid reputation in fields as diverse as healthcare, real estate, hospitality, retail, logistics, financial and technology. Kelly Capital does not limit its investment criteria based on transaction size, geography, industry, or public/private status.