Port Moresby Stock Exchange

Port Moresby Stock Exchange Limited (POMSoX) is the principal stock exchange in Papua New Guinea. It was incorporated as a private company on the 26th January 1998, and is closely aligned to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

POMSoX was established to provide an avenue for companies to raise funds for growth and expansion through the issue of shares to the public; and to provide an opportunity for investors to invest their surplus funds into productive areas of the economy through the process of buying and selling shares thereby creating wealth.

Companies listed on the Exchange are required, under the Listing Rules, to make timely announcements about their activities in order to ensure that a fully informed market is maintained. All companies listed on the Stock Exchange must maintain a share registry.

POMSoX also operates a fully automated Trading System known as the Port Moresby Stock Exchange Electronic Trading System (PETS). Only Approved Trading Representatives and their Affiliates are allowed to operate the system by imputing trading messages into the system via their remote trading terminals.

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