Largest Banks in Lithuania

The largest banks of Lithuania include AB Ukio Bankas, Bank SNORAS, SEB Vilniaus Bankas, DnB NORD, among others.

AB Ukio Bankas is the fifth largest and oldest private bank in Lithuania. Germany’s largest bank Deutsche Bank presented Ukio bankas with the 2009 EUR STP Excellence Award for the exceptional quality of payment orders denominated in euro. Furthermore, Euromoney presented the bank with two prestigious awards. In the 2010 list of the best banks and other finance institutions of Lithuania Ukio bankas was named the best local bank. Additionally, experts of the prestigious magazine named it the best provider of private banking services in Lithuania.

SNORAS is one of the largest banks in Lithuania. Bank SNORAS manages a number of subsidiary companies in the country, which provide Lithuanian and Baltic market participants with leasing, monetary funds and securities funds management services, real estate management, building administration and technical supervision, construction and renovation services. AB Bank SNORAS is the fourth bank in Lithuania according to the size of the capital and the fifth according to the managed assets.

SEB Vilniaus Bankas was the largest securities custodian in Lithuania in terms of the total market value of securities in its custody. At the close of 2005, assets under management by SEB Vilniaus Bankas were the highest among Lithuanian commercial banks.

DnB NORD is one of the largest banks in Lithuania, offering a full range of banking services to private individuals and business customers. It is also one of the largest lenders to municipalities and manufacturing industry. The bank serves its customers in one of the largest branch networks in Lithuania. DnB NORD Bankas is a member of international DnB NORD banking group which was established by the Norway’s largest bank DnB NOR and North Germany’s largest bank NORD/LB.

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