Top Investment Management Companies

Following are amongst the world's top investment management companies:

Allianz Global Investors - With 971 billion Euro Assets under Management (2006), Allianz Global Investors is ranked among the top investment management companies worldwide. Through its subsidiaries PIMCO, RCM, Oppenheimer Capital, NFJ, Nicholas-Applegate and other specialist firms Allianz Gobal Investors offers its clients a wide variety of investment competencies.

HSBC Investments - HSBC Euro Obligations Responsables fund was given an aa rating by Novethic, thus designating HSBC Investments as one of the top investment management companies having developed expertise in terms of socially responsible bond funds.

Dynamic Mutual Funds - Dynamic has earned its place among the top investment management companies in Canada, offering a comprehensive range of products and services, spanning every major sector, geographic region and investment discipline. Dynamic was named "Advisor's Choice 2007 Fund Company of the Year". It has also won Analysts' Choice Fund Company of the Year at the Canadian Investment Awards.

Samsung Investment Trust Management (Samsung Investments) - It is the top investment management company in Korea. The company provides investment trust and mutual fund management to retail and institutional clients. Samsung Investments was named “Fund Manager of The Year” by the Korea Securities Award in 2006. In addition, its index fund, KODEX 200 ETF, won Maeil Business Newspaper’s Korea Fund Award.

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