Investment Banks in Kenya

The leading investment banks in Kenya include Dyer and Blair, Dry Associates, Kestrel Capital, among others.

Dyer and Blair is a market leader in the Investment Banking industry in Kenya and the greater East African region. The bank was originally launched as a partnership of Hickman and Grey and was one of the founding members of the NSE which was established in the same year. It is the first Investment Bank to have regional coverage: Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Dry Associates is an investment bank in Kenya and offers a broad range of products and services such as Private Wealth Management, Unit Trusts, Commercial Paper, Investment Advisory Services, Pension Fund Management, Offshore Funds, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Treasury Management, Portfolio Management.

Kestrel Capital is an investment bank based in Kenya licensed by the Capital Markets Authority and a member of the Nairobi Stock Exchange and a stock broker for foreign and local institutional investors. It is the market leader for trading large "blue chip" companies in Kenya such as Safaricom, East African Breweries, Barclays Bank of Kenya and Equity Bank.

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