Investment Banks in Ghana

The National Investment Bank and Databank Limited are amongst the leading investment banks in Ghana.

The National Investment Bank (NIB) is the prime investment bank in Ghana. It has played a leading role in developing a number of highly successful industrial projects in Ghana, through debt financing and equity investment in blue chips companies such as Nestle Ghana Ltd., Nexans Kabelmetal (Ghana) Totalfina ELF (Ghana Ltd.) and Novotel.

NIB has won the award for the Best Bank at the Indutech 2005 Awards in recognition of its support to industry. It also won the 2003 Award for the Best Bank in Long Term Loan Financing at the Ghana Banking Awards.

Databank was established in 1990 to provide corporate and public finance advisory services to companies in Ghana. It has branches in Tema, Kumasi and The Gambia. Databank envisions providing a full array of investment banking products and services in terms of corporate finance advisory services, asset management products, brokerage services and venture capital funds, in each of the core West African markets.

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