US Stock Market Indices

Some of the major U.S. stock indices include NASDAQ Composite, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and S&P 500. Standard & Poor's (S&P) is well known for the stock market indexes, the US-based S&P 500, the Australian S&P/ASX 200, the Italian S&P/MIB, the Canadian S&P/TSX and India's S&P CNX Nifty.

List of US Stock Market Indices:
  • Value Line Composite Index
  • CPMKTE - The Capital Markets Equity Index
  • Amex indices - Amex Major Market Index; Amex Volatility Index; Amex Composite Index; Amex Gold Miners Index.
  • CBOE indices - CBOE DJIA BuyWrite Index (BXD); CBOE NASDAQ-100 BuyWrite Index (BXN); CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite Index (BXM); CBOE Volatility Index (VIX); CBOE S&P 100 Volatility Index (VXN).
  • Nasdaq indices - NASDAQ Composite; NASDAQ-100; NASDAQ Volatility Index.
  • Dow Jones & Company indices - Dow Jones Composite Average; Dow Jones Global Titans; Dow Jones Industrial Average; Dow Jones Transportation Average; Dow Jones Utility Average; Dow Jones U.S. Large Cap Growth; Dow Jones U.S. Large Cap Value; Dow Jones U.S. Small Cap Growth; Dow Jones U.S. Small Cap Value; Dow Jones U.S. Total Market.
  • Goldman Sachs indices - GSTI Semiconductor Index; GSTI Software Index.
  • Standard & Poor's indices - S&P 500; S&P Completion; S&P 500/BARRA Growth; S&P 500/BARRA Value; S&P Midcap 400; S&P Midcap 400/BARRA Growth; S&P Midcap 400/BARRA Value; S&P SmallCap 600; S&P SmallCap 600/BARRA Growth; S&P SmallCap 600/BARRA Value.
  • Russell Indexes - Russell 3000; Russell 3000 Growth; Russell 3000 Value; Russell 1000; Russell 1000 Growth; Russell 1000 Value; Russell 2000; Russell 2000 Growth; Russell 2000 Value; Russell Top 200; Russell Top 200 Growth; Russell Top 200 Value; Russell MidCap; Russell MidCap Growth; Russell MidCap Value; Russell 2500; Russell 2500 Growth; Russell 2500 Value; Russell Small Cap Completeness; Russell Small Cap Completeness Growth; Russell Small Cap Completeness Value.
  • Wilshire Associates indices - Wilshire 5000; Wilshire 4500; Wilshire US REIT; Wilshire US RESI; Wilshire US Large Cap; Wilshire US Large Cap Growth; Wilshire US Large Cap Value; Wilshire US Mid Cap; Wilshire US Mid Cap Growth; Wilshire US Mid Cap Value; Wilshire US Small Cap; Wilshire US Small Cap Growth; Wilshire US Small Cap Value; Wilshire US Micro Cap; Wilshire Global REIT; Wilshire Global RESI; Wilshire Global REIT ex US; Wilshire Global RESI ex US.
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