Top Largest Banks in Pakistan

List of top largest banks of Pakistan include HBL, UBL, NIB Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB), Meezan Bank, among others.

HBL is the largest bank in Pakistan and the first commercial bank to be established in the country in 1947. With subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the UK, affiliates in Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya and Kyrgyzstan and rep offices in Iran and China, HBL is also the largest domestic multinational. It is the first Pakistani bank to raise Tier II Capital from external sources.

Incorporated in 1947, MCB is one of the top leading banks of Pakistan, with the reputation of a solid and conservative financial institution managed by expatriate executives. In 1974, MCB was nationalized along with all other private sector banks. MCB has received the esteemed Euromoney Award for the “Best Bank in Pakistan” (2006). It is the only bank to receive the Euromoney Award for Excellence for the sixth time in the past seven years.

United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of Pakistan's largest private banks. The Bank's long term rating is AA +, which denotes good credit quality. Protection factors are strong. Risk is modest but may vary slightly from time to time because of economic conditions (Credit Rating by JCR - VIS Credit Rating Company Limited - 26 June 2009).

NIB vision is to rank amongst top 5 banks in Pakistan. As of March 31, 2011 the total assets are Rs. 150 bn. Present paid-up capital of Rs. 40.4 bn is amongst one of the highest in banks in Pakistan.

Meezan Bank is the largest Islamic Bank in Pakistan. It has been conferred the Best Islamic Bank Award by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Bank has a large product menu offering a complete range of Islamic banking products and services.

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