Top Largest Banks in Nepal

The top largest banks in Nepal are Rastriya Banijya Bank, Nepal Bank Limited, Sunrise Bank Ltd, among others.

Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) is fully government owned and is the largest commercial bank in Nepal, offering various banking services to a broad range of customers including banks, insurance companies, industrial trading houses, hotels, airlines, and many other sectors. RBB also works with Western Union and International Money Express, two leading person-to-person funds transfer networks.

RBB's major commercial banking products and services include: Deposits; Remittances; Lending Products; Issue Management; Underwriting; Security dealers (Primary Market); Refund Management; Bank Guarantee; Foreign Exchange Dealing.

Nepal Bank Limited (NBL) is the first bank of Nepal, established on 15 November 1937 A.D (Kartik, 30, 1994). The bank has been providing banking through its branch offices in the different geographical locations of the country.

Sunrise Bank Ltd is one of the largest banks in Nepal in terms of its capital base. The bank has introduced the foreign currency deposit feature to cater to the niche market of foreign workers working in Nepal, Nepalese involved with foreign trade, Nepalese working for foreign organizations.

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