Stock Exchanges in Nigeria

Following are the principal stock exchanges in Nigeria:

Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)
- It was founded in 1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange. In December 1977 it became The Nigerian Stock Exchange, with branches established in some of the major commercial cities in the country.
- The branch in Lagos was opened in 1961; Kaduna, in 1978; Port Harcourt, in 1980; Kano, in 1989; Onitsha, in February 1990; and Ibadan in August 1990; Abuja, in October 1999 and Yola, in April 2002.
- In November 1996, The Exchange launched its Internet System (CAPNET) as one of the infrastructural support for meeting the challenges of internationalisation and achieving an enhanced service delivery.
- The Exchange had linked up with the Reuters Electronic Contributor System for online global dissemination of stock market information: trading statistics, All-Share Index, company investment ratios, and company news.

Abuja Securities and Commodities Exchange (ASCE)
- It is located in Abuja, and it was founded in 1998.
- ASCE is primarily involved with the trading of commodities including maize, sorghum and millet, as opposed to trading in securities such as bonds and company stock.
- ASCE commenced electronic trading in securities in May 2001 and was converted to a commodity Exchange in August 2001 and brought under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Commerce.
- The membership of the Exchange is comprised of ordinary trading members, intuitional trading members, and ordinary members.

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