Stock Broker in Puerto Rico

Popular Securities is one of the leading brokerage firms in Puerto Rico. It is an affiliate of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico and a subsidiary of Popular Inc.

Popular, Inc. is a complete financial service provider based in Puerto Rico, with operations in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. Popular Securities has a vision of being the brokerage firm that offers its clients the most complete variety of investment products and services designed to meet their financial needs.

Popular Securities offers a variety of accounts (including Traditional product accounts, Managed Accounts) that allow investors to execute transactions and receive continuous advice about the performance of their accounts. The firm offers a range of investment products such as: Local and international securities; Access to professional portfolio managers; Mutual funds; Structured products; Retirement management products (Keogh); Insurance; Annuities.

The Institutional Services division of Popular Securities participates in the primary and secondary markets of Puerto Rico and the US, providing liquidity for issuers and positioning different types of products.