South Pacific Stock Exchange (Fiji)

The South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) is the only licensed securities exchange in the Fiji Islands. It was formerly known as the Suva Stock Exchange. The Exchange is the centre for trading, reporting and pricing of the stocks.

The following securities are currently traded on the SPSE: Listed company shares; Government bonds; Statutory authority promissory notes; Statutory authority bonds; Government treasury bills; Reserve Bank of Fiji notes (issued for monetary policy purposes); Tradable term deposits.

The SPSE Central ShareRegistry is a subsidiary of the South Pacific Stock Exchange. Its main function is to provide services on behalf of the companies to the shareholders so that companies can concentrate on their core businesses.

Some of the services offered by the Registry include: Share register maintenance, receiving, validating and processing of share transfers, printing & issuing new share certificates, Dividend Redistribution function, Dividend distribution by all modes including direct deposit, TT’s, TMO’s and cheque, Registration of shareholders, handling general inquiries, handling IPO’s and share splits.

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