Oslo Stock Exchange

The Oslo Stock Exchange (Norwegian: Oslo Børs) was founded in 1819 and serves as the main market for trading in the shares in Norway. The Exchange offers a full range of products including equities, derivatives and fixed income instruments.

Oslo Børs offers trading in both standardized derivatives and non-standardized derivatives (also known as OTC derivatives). Shares can be traded on Oslo Børs or the alternative market place Oslo Axess. Interest-bearing instruments can be traded on Oslo Børs or the unregulated market place Oslo ABM. All three market places uses the electronic trading system 'TradElect' for trading in equities and interest-bearing instruments.

Oslo Børs is an internationally recognized exchange. Both Norwegian and international companies from a wide range of sectors and industries have chosen to list their shares on the Oslo marketplace. Oslo Børs and the London Stock Exchange Group collaborate on market and product development across the equities, fixed income and derivatives markets.

The Exchange operates an efficient, reliable and secure marketplace with good financial infrastructure, market surveillance and quality assured processes. The Market Surveillance Department also offers a broad range of courses and training arrangements for market participants that address the issues of market manipulation and insider dealing.

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