Top Largest Banks in Ghana

The top Largest Banks of Ghana include SG-SSB, Barclays Bank of Ghana Limited, Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd., CAL Bank, to name a few.

SG-SSB is the fifth-largest bank in Ghana and a privately owned publicly listed company on the Ghana Stock Exchange. It is one of the most profitable banks in the country and the dominant bank in the Western Region. SG-SSB was the first bank to introduce the following products in the country: Doorstep Banking, Special Farmers Loan, Consumer Credit Loan, Sika Card, Sikatel, Sikatext.

Barclays Bank of Ghana Limited has an expansive retail and commercial banking network in the country. It offers a broad range of commercial, Retail and Treasury products and services. It also offers local business banking product and services for Small Medium Enterprises and indigenous businesses. The Bank of Ghana in February 2010 named Barclays Bank of Ghana Limited the biggest foreign bank and the largest bank in terms of capacity to handle transactions in Ghana.

CAL Bank commenced operations in July 1990 and is considered to be one of the most innovative banks in the country. The Bank has significantly developed its retail banking operations with specialized products and services to cater for the retail market. At the 2008 Ghana Banking awards it was named Best Retail Bank and won Best Product Innovation for its SMS banking service.

Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd. (GCB) is among the widest networked Bank in Ghana. GCB provides a wide range of products and services including the traditional products of Current/Savings Accounts, and specialized products such as Link2Home for Ghanaians resident abroad, doorstep cash collection, loans and overdrafts. There are also investment products like treasury bills, fixed and call deposits.

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