Top Stock Brokers in Pakistan

List of top leading stock brokers in Pakistan:

Fortune Securities Limited (FSL)
- It is an active member of the Karachi Stock Exchange, providing stock-broking facilities to a diverse investor base for over a decade.
- FSL is a top-tier, full service broking firm that offers unmatched, research-driven, broking and advisory services to its retail and institutional clients.
- The firm has a highly competent and experienced institutional sales team comprising of dedicated professionals equipped with superior knowledge of the capital market which allows us to deliver sound investment ideas to the company's growing client base.
- Fortune was ranked as one of the top 10 brokers by a number of institutional funds.

SCS trade
- It provides complete services for online trading in Pakistan.
- The web-based online trading platform, SCS Smartrader, is fully customized to execute equity trading strategies efficiently.

Sunrise Capital Private Limited
- It has been established as a brokerage house. Sunrise Capital is the member of Karachi stock exchange and it is licensed and regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It provides professional financial advice from its head office in Karachi.
- It has a team of highly accomplished financial professionals with a range of skills and qualifications. Services of Sunrise capital include: money market and equity brokerage, distribution of funds, in-house research and analysis and private equity.

Global Securities Pakistan Limited
- Global Securities is a top leading provider of financial services in the country. The primary activities include stock broking, corporate finance & advisory, research, and money market & foreign exchange broking.
- It is one of the pioneering corporate brokerage houses set up in the country. In 2005, Asiamoney accredited Global as the 'Best Equity House in Pakistan'.

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