Top Stock Brokers In Nigeria

Following are the top stock brokers (broking firms) in Nigeria:

APT Securities & Funds Limited:
APT is one of the top stock brokers in Nigeria. It is a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, engaging in buying and selling of quoted securities such as: Equity Ordinary Shares; Guild-Edge Stock Government Development Stocks; Corporate Debt or Bonds Industrial Loans and Preference Stocks; Treasury Bills and Certificates. APT offers financial advisory services to corporate organizations and institutions in the following areas: Capital Restructuring; Mergers and Acquisitions; Capital Swaps; Debt Conversion; Debt Factoring and Management; Privatisation/Public Sector Advisory; Feasibility Reports; Dividend Policy; Consultancy Services.

Bestworth Assets & Trust Limited:
Bestworth Assets & Trust Limited is a top leading investment management firm that provides a wide range of services to a diversified client base that includes Government, Pension Fund Administrators, Financial Institutions and high net-worth individuals. Its stockbroking business essentially involve in buying and selling of shares on behalf of clients.

BGL Securities Limited:
It is the securities trading platform of BGL. BGL Securities Limited has consistently maintained the top 5 positions in terms of volume and value of securities traded.
The company has the following licenses:
- Registered as Broker/Dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
- Registered as an Issuing House with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
- Registered as dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Calyx Securities Limited:
It was incorporated in 1990 in Nigeria, West Africa, to provide stock broking, investment advisory and other integrated financial services for the community. Calyx was licensed as a dealing member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1991, and obtained the Securities and Exchange Commissions Broker/Dealer License in 1994. It is also appointed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to deal in the Nigerian Treasury Bills.

Camry Securities Limited:
It was established in 1994 and licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange to carry out Stock broking activities. The Company is registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission as Brokers & Dealers. It offers portfolio service to clients who could not handle the day to day management and administration of their equity investment.

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