Top Stock Brokers in London

Following are the top leading stock brokers (broking firms) in London:

TD Waterhouse
- It is one of the largest brokers in the UK with a strong track record of delivering share-dealing solutions to some of the best known brands in the financial sector.
- The TD Waterhouse Investor Centre in London offers a personal, face-to-face service with on-site trading facilities, free seminars and direct access to TD Waterhouse specialists.
- TD Waterhouse has been awarded Best Execution-Only Service for Equities at the 2010 Daily Telegraph Wealth Management Awards.

Shore Capital Group Ltd
- Its equity capital markets division offers a broad range of financial services for companies, institutional investors and other clients, including corporate finance, stockbroking and market-making.
- Shore Capital Stockbrokers Limited is a member of the London Stock Exchange.
- It has offices in Guernsey, London, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Berlin.

Collins Stewart
- Services cover institutional stockbroking, UK, European and US research, fixed income credit trading, corporate broking, debt capital markets advice, restructuring and debt advisory services, corporate finance advisory services, private client and intermediary wealth management and fund management.
- The London-based operation encompasses a full-service Investment Companies team and specialist preference shares/PIBS, Australian and fixed income credit trading desks.

Triad Securities
- It was established in 1976 as a full-service brokerage firm, providing clients with the most comprehensive data on the new issue market and attempts to get the best possible price for their execution.
- It has a full-service administrative and execution center in London, England.

Alexander David Securities
- It is a dedicated broker providing the market insight and investment advice that corporate, institutional and private clients trust.
- Alexander David Securities Group Plc was incorporated in England and Wales under the Companies Act 1985. Its main operations are in the United Kingdom.

SVS Securities
- It is a specialist stockbroker located in the City of London, providing services to private, corporate and institutional clients in a number of areas including: Advisory Stockbroking, CFDs, FX Trading, Emissions Trading, SVS Online Execution Trading, Corporate Finance, Corporate Broking, Research.
- SVS Securities Plc is a member of the London Stock Exchange and a PLUS Markets Corporate Advisor.

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