Stock Exchange in New Zealand

New Zealand Exchange (NZX) is the principal stock exchange in New Zealand. It operates the securities and energy markets in the country, and is committed to developing these markets for the benefit of stakeholders.

NZX has expertise across the securities, energy and agri-business sectors. It acquired electricity market operator The Marketplace Company Limited (M-co) in April 2009. Key services provided by the NZX Energy business are market design, market development and market operations including pricing, trading, billing, reconciliation, registry services and information and analysis.

The NZX Agri-businesses comprise NZX Agrifax (an agricultural pricing and information service), Dairyweek (a weekly dairy industry news abstract service), Profarmer Australia (a grain pricing and information service), Newsroom (provider of subscription customised news feeds), and a publishing arm which produces a range of rural titles and subscription based magazines.

The NZX Capital Markets (New Zealand Stock Market (NZSX), New Zealand Alternative Market (NZAX) and New Zealand Debt Market (NZDX)) form a diverse offering for companies wishing to raise growth capital and investors looking for secure and liquid investment opportunities.

NZX's regulatory functions include the following:
- supervising market participants including NZX Firms and NZX Advisors.
- assisting the Securities Commission as a co-regulator as required under the Securities Markets Act 1988.
- supervising listed issuers' (companies and other entities which issue securities) compliance with NZX Listing Rules.

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